Inbound & outbound call center software

We integrate with Salesforce, Zoho, and Sugar CRM.

Call center software developed over 20 years

Designed to produce better call center results - faster.

ChaseData Corporation has spent the past 20 years perfecting complete menu of contact center management solutions which integrate inbound call traffic, outbound dialing (predictive dialing, Available dialing, progressive dialing and agentless auto dialing solutions), advanced IVR (interactive voice response solutions) and real-time digital call recording and monitoring at a price that even your CFO will love.

Our software not only builds upon two decades of constant technological evolution, but we have also created a system that will have your business up and running in less in less than two days (including agent training).

Extremely user friendly

We have spent 20 years working to offer a sophisticated, feature rich system that is easy-to-use.

  • Browser based

    A full-featured cloud-based phone solution that gives you complete control & visibility about team's calling activities.

  • Deploy fast

    Get up and running in minutes! No hardware or telephony server purchase needed and no VOIP gateway required.

  • In-app messaging

    Agent to agent messaging all within the same application.

  • Sync with your CRM

    Keep your data clean with our built-in CRM or integrate with your current software.

  • Improve your team

    Monitor, coach, and conference in with your agents at any time; listen to recorded calls all from the web.

  • Reliable

    Rock solid & secure which delivers continuous uptime.

Why ChaseData?

Simply stated, ChaseData delivers a consistently lower operation cost in the call center software market.

  1. You require a low capital expenditure solution for your small (5 – 50 seats) to medium size call center (51 – 100 seats).
  2. Your business requires the ability to add, modify and manage new campaigns quickly with minimal set up time.
  3. You would prefer a lower cost of ownership hosted contact center software solution instead of the high cost of ownership common to premise based solution.
  4. You require a solution with industry specific application foundations - customizable to fit your specific requirements.
  5. Can I try before I buy? No problem, we offer a free trial with all our plans.

$89per user,per month

Small business

Perfect for 5+ agents low volume inbound & outbound call centers.

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$139per user,per month


Perfect for 5+ agents high volume outbound call centers.

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$169per user,per month


Perfect for 5+ agents high volume inbound & outbound call centers.

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Features checklist

All the features you need in call center software.

  • Blended call center

  • Call logging

  • Call recording

  • Call routing

  • Call scripting

  • Campaign management

  • Compliance management

  • Escalation management

  • Inbound call center

  • IVR / voice recognition

  • Live chat

  • Manual dialer

  • Outbound call center

  • Predictive dialer

  • Progressive dialer

  • Quality management

  • Queue manager

  • Virtual call center