Measure & track key performance indicators

One of the powerful features of ChaseData’s Contact Center system is the ability to measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs). These measurable values demonstrate how effectively your company is achieving its business objectives.

Several reports accurately track each agent’s performance including hours worked, number of contacts, sales made, time paused, hours worked, etc. This feature, along with comprehensive agent time sheets, effectively track the work and productivity of every agent.

As important as tracking the performance of your employees is retaining the best of them. ChaseData’s user-friendly interface and reliability help improve overall employee satisfaction, minimizes the need for extensive training, and improves the morale of your call center environment.

Live administrator dashboards provide easy-to-understand graphical representations of the status of each agent as well as the ability to monitor and coach them. In addition, a real-time display of the status of each campaign is easily accessed through this interface, permitting the system administrator to view key metrics in real time.