Achieve better results with our blended inbound and outbound calling environment

Efficient handling of inbound calls is a challenge faced by every single outbound call center. Traditionally, the solution has been as simple as placing a PBX phone at each agent’s workstation. When an inbound call rings, the agent ceases dialing and answers the call. Suffice to say, this is highly inefficient and when this occurs in a predictive dialing based operation – almost all of the value of predictive dialing is arrested.

ChaseData integrates a very powerful skills based Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system that seamless blends the outbound and resulting inbound calls without interruption. Moreover, management is able to define which agent receives the “live” inbound call based on a variety of parameters (i.e. native language, skills sets, sales ability… the possibilities are endless.

Impressed? Well there’s more. Using our lead injection technology requests made through web based advertising, websites, social media etc. can also assigned “priority” in your call center. Simple put, a call coming in from your website is directly delivered to a live agent, IVR or outbound campaign at your call center instantly. The advantage that you will enjoy is remarkable agility and flexibility in exceeding your clients’ expectations while continuing to leverage the power/efficiency of predictive dialing.