As a call center owner or agent, you know you can close more sales if your call center application allows inbound calls unfortunately, many do not

With Call Center NOW, you get the efficiency of our hosted predictive dialer for outbound calls with the option to receive inbound calls. Our advanced pacing algorithms drive superior contact rates for your call center representatives. Higher contact rates mean higher agent satisfaction and better sales results.

ChaseData has also includes built-in vault tolerance to adjust for variations in our clients’ networks. Higher contact rates and network adjustments, combined with superior uptime statistics, translate directly into superior financial results for your company.

The Power of CallCenterNOW Technology at Your Fingertips

We have taken the guess work out of the outbound predictive dialing process and put the power of our system back into the hands of both the administrator and agent.


Campaign Management

Names of individual campaigns may be easily changed to “breathe new life” into them, and agents may easily switch between campaigns in a matter of seconds without having to log out and log back in to their consoles.

Sub Campaign Utilization


Supervisors have instant access to their agents. Any group of Supervisors can also have their own individualized dashboards for their own display. Supervisors have instant access to monitoring calls, coaching agents and sending instant messages to their agents for instant communication. Dashboards can be drilled down to give you more detail information not only on the agents productivity but also the productivity of the campaigns.

Campaign Monitoring

Regardless of the size of your organization, or number of clients you have, ChaseData’s PowerStudio allows the system administrator to grant specific privileges to managers, supervisors and monitors so that they may track and focus on those components for which they are responsible.

List Manager

There is no need to spend time and energy managing campaigns and sub-campaigns through cumbersome export/import operations and external data manipulation. ChaseData’s List Manager allows leads to be sorted, moved, updated, emailed and/or exported all within ChaseData’s PowerStation administrator portal.

Caller ID Anywhere

Missed calls that originate from a number with a local caller ID are far more likely to be returned. ChaseData has the capability of providing a nation-wide series of inbound numbers that are automatically matched to the area codes into which a campaign is dialing. The result is higher answer and call-back rates.

Call Recording

All calls are automatically recorded and stored on our servers for a minimum of 90 days. Agents may review all of their recent calls in the event that they might have missed something on a prior call. The administrator has access to all recordings and may rate, comment, and send out any recording to the agents for coaching purposes.

Single Click Customized Dispositions

ChaseData works with many companies from a variety of industries. Understanding that each company has individual, unique requirements, ChaseData has provided flexibility in allowing specific, customized dispositions to be quickly selected by the agent. This significantly improves the ease of call management saves the agents valuable time.


One feature that sets ChaseData apart is the extensive reporting features available to the contact center administrators. ChaseData recognizes that every contact center is different and wishes to monitor different components of agent and campaign performance. Because ChaseData owns and develops its own proprietary software, custom reports may be developed upon request.