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Why ChaseData

Give your business the PowerNOW advantage

Unhappy with your existing hosted predictive dialer? Looking for an alternative to premise-based dialing? Opening a call center and need a ready-to-go solution customized to your industry?

Chase Data Corp’s PowerNOW is a complete hosted predictive dialer that includes inbound and outbound calling capabilities, interactive voice response and digital call recording – all without hidden fees or surcharges. And, PowerNOW is easy to set up, easy to use – simply log on and go.

See how PowerNOW can help you reach more leads, close more sales and make your operation more efficient – request your demo today.

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The PowerNOW Advantage

No hardware, no software, no IT

Chase Data’s Hosted Predictive Dialer Contact Center Solution gives you the leverage you need to start your call center with little capital expenditure right from the get go. Imagine having the ability to test market a new campaign without waiting weeks. Simply login to PowerNOW’s hosted contact center and select from a list of industry specific applications.

Whether you’re in the mortgage business, collections, resorts, insurance, debt consolidation, or just doing B2B, we have the solution ready for you.

Manage your sales force efficiently

Our hosted predictive dialing system makes calls using the internet with SIP-based call handling or with any phone line. Your agents simply log onto the Internet and launch the PowerStation Agent Application. Once logged in to our Hosted Dialing Server located at Chase Data’s Fiber Optic Facility, your agents can make outbound predictive, preview and progressive based calls, as well receive incoming calls.

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PowerNOW Benefits

PowerNOW’s Hosted Predictive Dialer Benefits:

    • Get up and running in minutes – No hardware or telephony server purchase needed; No VOIP gateway required


    • No software to download – Hosted application upgrades are immediate without any downloads and no IT staff required


    • No browser needed – System runs on Microsoft Silver Light allowing you to securely manage your lists over the Internet


    • Reliable and secure network – Rock solid application delivers continuous uptime


    • Seamless integration – PowerNOW delivers Predictive, Progressive, Preview, and Power Dialing capabilities


    • Improves call standards – Monitor, coach, and conference in with your agents at any time; listen to recorded calls.


    • Cost effective, no hidden fees – Packages start at $125 per month unlimited.


    • Industry-specific applications – Collections, Home Improvement and Roofing, Life and Health Insurance, Telecom Service, Telemarketing, Circulation and Magazine Subscription sales, Merchant Services; Vacation Travel, Mortgage Brokers, Time-share re-sales; B2B type calling as well as Business Opportunities and Multi-level marketing.


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