Call Center Metrics Reporting & Analytics

Track, measure and analyzing call center data with ease

Your current software could be keeping you in the dark. Unless you are able to track key performance indicators for agents, management, supervisors, and campaigns you may not be operating with a full picture. ChaseData call center metrics reporting gives you the big picture.


How does your current software do on analyzing call center data? Can it track your agents’ hours, number of contacts made, and time paused? Can supervisors quickly train new hires in the use of your call center software, look up agent histories, and measure current performance against past performance? Can your management measure how well each campaign and sub-campaign are doing? If you don’t have ChaseData, you’re not getting all the data you need to run a lean and efficient operation. Check out these on board features.


Real-Time Reports

Know what your agents are doing each and every day in real time. Track multiple performance metrics from one screen.


Custom Reports

One size does not fit all with call center software. Customize reports to get the specific performance information you need.


Raw Data Export

Export raw data to your favorite third-party management and productivity apps without having to keep the IT department up all night.


Actionable Business Intelligence

How do you know what you’re doing, if you don’t know what you’re doing? Get actionable intelligence every day by monitoring key performance indicators.


Agents are the backbone of your operation, and ChaseData software will be one of the key factors in retaining your best. Job satisfaction is a huge factor in keeping agent turnover costs under control. This frees managers and supervisors from the constant routine of hiring and training over and over again. Supervisors and management have access to key performance indicators that help them to run a smooth and efficient call center.


Give your agents their daily stats, and let them see their own performance in real time. Training is a snap with ChaseData’s intuitive interface.

call center metrics reporting
call center metrics reporting

Supervisors can monitor individual agents, and coach them in real time even while they are on calls – all without leaving their desktop.

call center metrics reporting
call center metrics reporting

Give management the big picture. Robust administrative tools and analytics let management see the big picture or get down to the details.

call center metrics reporting
call center metrics reporting

If knowledge is power, then data is the building blocks of knowledge. The more you know about the details of your call center, the more empowered you are to succeed.

call center metrics reporting
call center metrics reporting


  • analyzing call center data
    analyzing call center data
    How many different standard reports do you offer?

    We include over 20 reports that provide KPI and call center metrics reporting that will help you make informed decisions about your call center.

  • analyzing call center data
    analyzing call center data
    Can reports be emailed to me?

    Yes. On the latest native version of the admin application, reports are scheduled to run and to be emailed to you.

  • analyzing call center data
    analyzing call center data
    How far back can I view the history of the data in my call center?

    The enterprise version allows you to run year-to-day reports for analyzing call center data. All standard reports allows you to see historical data from the most recent 6 months.

analyzing call center data
analyzing call center data

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