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Call center managers and owners are always looking to stay on top of the latest trends with technology and in their industry. ChaseData Corp offers a variety of free eBooks and white papers to help managers improve call center productivity and efficiency in the 20th century.


    Big money and operational resources are flowing into the voice channel despite the growth of social media as an emerging channel. Forward-thinking contact centers worldwide are doubling down on cloud based predictive dialer software because the voice channel is the leading driver in higher score in the metrics critical to success - from agent productivity to revenue to first contact resolutions. Download this white paper in order to find out why and more importantly how you can achieve more success in your contact center.


    PowerStation predictive dialing simplifies the entire lead management process by placing all of your lead sources in one place, so you can process most operating functions from one centralized location. This makes it easier for you to import and export data in a variety of formats and from a variety of places such as local or wide area networks, CD-ROMs, the internet, etc. Further, PowerStation's management station allows you to create spreadsheets, graphs, sales reports, mail merges, fax on demand and countless other functions using a few simple key strokes.

  • A Guide to Selecting the Right Call Center Technology

    The name of the game in today’s business world is scalability. Whether you’re dealing with 100 or 1,000 employees, there are multi-tiered call center plans for every size of company. Investing in updated technology is essential to keep your call center current and functioning smoothly. However, not one size fits all. In this FREE eBook you will get a step-by-step guide on things to consider when planning upgrades to your call center.

  • Most Important Reporting KPI for Outsourced Call Centers 2018

    When you’re looking at your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) you might see a list of indicators that you believe to be higher or lower in importance. KPI data should never be taken and ranked as this indicator being more important than that indicator. In this free eBook, we look at the KPIs that will give you an accurate picture of what your outsourced call center is doing.

  • Property & Casualty Insurance Customer Service Tactical Ideas

    Present day challenges for the insurance industry are driven by three factors: Customer Expectation, Speed of Change, and New Insurance Startups. For insurance agencies, the customer service center or call center is the front line in the battle to meet these challenges. If you are an insurance agency owner, this FREE eBook will help you to put insurance customer retention strategies to work for you.

  • Debt Collection Agency Strategies to Improve Collections & Mitigate Risk

    With the passage of such laws as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) federal restrictions on how and when debt collection agencies may contact borrowers have become more stringent in the past few decades. In this FREE eBook you will learn more about the actions you should be taking and the metrics you need to monitor.

  • Keeping Up with Today’s Millennial Customer: Travel and Hospitality in the 21st Century

    Travel and hospitality customers purchasing behaviors are changing more than ever before. In order to keep up with the 21st century and address the expectations of customers, you need to understand and utilize the latest technology and trends. In this free ebook, you will learn more about: When Self-Service Doesn’t Cut It, Social Media Contact Is Key, Seamless Integration Between Channels, and More

  • How call center software is failing financial services and how to get it back up to speed

    Financial services depend on efficient call center software. There are some ways your call center technology may be failing you - and there are also some ways for call center managers and executives to improve performance and customer experience. In this FREE eBook download, you will learn more about how to identify a failing Call Center, how to get the best out of a Call Center, and more.

  • Using call center agent performance metrics to improve your call center

    Is your call center functioning at peak capacity and productivity? Measuring pertinent call center agent performance metrics and KPIs is fundamental to the success of your call center.In this free ebook download, "Using Call Center Agent Performance Metrics to Improve Your Call Center", you will learn more about what metrics matter to a call center, and why.

  • Your Guide to Running a Call Center in 2019

    Today’s call centers are constantly moving forward. Communication itself is changing, and with those changes come new approaches to engaging customers – and your staff. Running a call center in 2019 is about more than just answering and redirecting calls. In this free ebook download, "Your Guide to Running a Call Center in 2019", you will learn more about what is needed to run a successful call center in 2019.

  • Empowering Call Center Professionals to Create a Better Future for Your Company

    Call center management personnel are always looking for ways to improve the performance of their facilities. How do these managers empower their staff to improve and grow continually – while also creating consistent results in the here and now? The answer is twofold – training and motivation. In this free ebook download, "Empowering Today’s Call Centers for Success", we will examine the factors that make up the formula for call center success.

  • 4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can make Your Call Center Smarter

    The call center is a natural location for the application of artificial intelligence, but it’s important to understand how it is used in this setting to truly appreciate its application. In this free eBook download, we will examine four big ways that artificial intelligence can make your call center smarter.

  • How Your Management Team Can Employ Today’s Call Quality Assurance Techniques

    It could be argued that in the modern call center, Call Quality Assurance is the backbone of your entire business. However, many of today’s centers overlook this important factor to success, focusing instead on meeting other metrics through automation.
    In this free ebook download, "How Your Management Team Can Employ Today’s Call Quality Assurance Techniques", we will examine call quality assurance techniques and more that can be used to improve the performance of your call center.

  • Your Guide to Creating a Real-World Call Center Customer Experience Strategy

    For today’s contact centers, customer experience is a top priority. When you want to improve the way your center operates and the profits you see, the first step should be fortifying your customer experience strategy.

  • Your Guide to Making Real Estate Investment Cold Calling Scripts Work for You

    Real estate investment cold calling doesn’t have to be frightening. With the right cold call scripting, you can enjoy more confidence and more success. In this latest free eBook download, get suggestions and tips on how to improve your real estate cold calling scripts.

  • Innovative Approaches to Addressing Operational Challenges in the Call Industry

    In this free eBook, we’ll tackle some of the most common operational challenges in the call center industry - and offer solutions that your upper management team members can use to make meaningful changes and create success!

  • Call Center Metrics to Track in 2020

    In this free eBook, we help you determine which metrics to focus on to help your management team make important decisions about how to implement improvement and continue delivering top-quality customer experience.

  • Call center management strategies for 2020

    2020 marks the beginning of a new year - and a new decade. It’s only logical that companies of all sizes and types are looking for ways to improve and overhaul their management approaches. Check out these tips for doing exactly that.

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