Cloud-Based Call Center as a Service

Fully Automated 360 Degree TCPA Compliance In Your Call Centers.

ChaseData engineered a 100% Automated TCPA compliance solution into our CCaaS platform. ChaseData's TCPA Engine combines efficient one click "not-auto-dialing" with a suite of integrated options that make staying within TCPA regulations a snap.

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DNC Landline Compliance

ChaseData offers a robust menu of add-on options with vetted third-party services (e.g. that verify your dialing lists against "Do Not Call" lists. These verifications are performed in real-time and include reassigned phone numbers and TCPA litigators, etc.

DNC Mobile Numbers Compliance

ChaseData offers a secure add-on option with secure, vetted third-party services identify which numbers in your dialing lists that are mobile numbers, including reassigned mobile numbers and TCPA litigators mobile numbers. Identifying mobile numbers is the first step in staying compliant with TCPA, DNC and individual state laws when sending automated text marketing messages.

Automatic TCPA Compliant Campaigns

ChaseData delivers compliance by giving your agents the ability to manually dial numbers keeping your campaign TCPA compliant. Set up TCPA compliant campaigns using ChaseData’s Preview Mode, select DNC/TCPA compliance and assign agents or volunteers to those campaigns. ChaseData’s software will take care of all TCPA compliance protocols.

Why Choose ChaseData for TCPA Compliance?

Automated contact compliance management

Periodic static "Do Not Call" list scrubs are simply not enough today. Telephone numbers change and every second of everyday, new telephone numbers are added and deleted from the DNC. Add to this litigators acquiring mobile and land line numbers for the sole purpose of initiating law suits against companies like yours. The ChaseData CCaaS TCPA Engine is automatic, real-time, and eliminates all regulatory obstacles to your call center’s success.

Agents can focus on the calls not the compliance puzzles

Your call center agents are trained to deliver the very best results during their calls. By choosing ChaseData CCaaS, you eliminate the distraction of having to follow/understand complex state and federal laws. The ChaseData CCaaS TCPA Engine automatically filters, then presents only the contacts that are cleared based on TCPA rules. Your agents review the pre-call information that they need to succeed and initiate the calls with the click of a mouse (complying with the prohibition on "auto dialers").

Manage your profits not the regulatory landscape

Focus on managing your business’ ROI and profits, let the ChaseData CCaaS TCPA Engine manage regulatory compliance with the TCPA and other laws for you. Before your legal department advises of changes to TCPA and other regulations, and you have a change to review and implement the changes... the ChaseData CCaaS TCPA Engine has already implemented them. Our engineering and legal teams are constantly monitoring and implementing changes to TCPA so you and your team don’t have to. This frees your call center team to concentrate on success not on legal minefields.

Putting your Call Center on "TCPA Compliance Autopilot" starts by requesting a demo today.

Say YES to a quick TCPA demo today. Our team will show you how the ChaseData CCaaS TCPA Engine delivers 100% TCPA COMPLIANCE automatic so that you can concentrate on meeting your call center’s goals for success.

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